Beware of Ebay sales

Please note that we do not support sales of Sureshotgps on Ebay in Australia. Sureshot does not offer warranty on any new Sureshotgps purchased from Ebay. There have been cases of product sourced through illegitimate means so we have been forced to implement this policy. Please support your local Australian Golf retailer by buying through an approved reseller.

For the fastest support always contact the Sureshotgps team directly. Our friendly Sureshotgps technical support team is available for all warranty, service and queries for the life of the product.

Refer to the list below for the warranty periods of our Sureshotgps range.

Voice Caddie – 12 months
GW1  – 12 months
Micro 300X –  24 months
Micro 700x – 24 months
SSLaser Pin Loc – 24 months
SS9000x v2.0 – 24 months

Please refer to the instruction manual for complete warranty conditions.

Returning your Sureshot for Service
If your Sureshotgps unit requires servicing, please follow the guidelines below.

Obtain Authorisation

Please call or email our customer support representative to obtain authorisation to return your Sureshot.

Worldwide: +61 3 9873 4433

Email: support@sureshotgps.com

When you have your Return Authorisation Number, please write it on the packaging and enclose a copy of any emails/correspondence/fault  description/return address in the package with the Sureshot.

Accessories and Packaging

Please return ONLY the Suredshot, we cannot guarantee return of packaging or accessories (unless specifically organised in advance)

Return Time Frames

Typically, Surshot take between 5 and 7 working days for all assessment and repair to take place.

Keep this in mind when waiting for your unit to be returned.