About Us Sureshotgps

Sureshotgps™ was been developed by a team of engineers and international sales professionals to meet the challenge of measuring distances to the hazards and green from anywhere on the golf course, without having to look for physical markers.

The team had a background in electronics and RF (radio frequency) design, encryption (ensuring the security of the data used with the Sureshotgps™), worldwide sales distribution all in the technology industry.

These skills, combined with a passion for the game of golf lead to the development of the Sureshotgps™ handheld GPS device.

Sureshotgps™ Pty Ltd is continually expanding its map base around the world, currently with an emphasis on Australia. Our professional mappers are working around the country to physically walk each golf course for the most accurate, sub-meter accuracy, GPS positions so golfers around the world can access these world class course maps.