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GPS Cart Mount Kit

Use the suction cup to attach mount to the windscreen of your golf cart
Adjustable arm, pivots in multiple directions
Takes all types of GPS units with a belt clip

AUD $30
Battery for Hero 200X

Hero 200X battery

AUD $45
Battery for Hero 350X & 750X

1400mah battery compatible with Hero 350X & 750X

AUD $45

For computer connection to the Sureshotgps™. Also used for the universal charger. Suits all models  with USB Mini-B.

AUD $7.50
Belt Clip (8850, 8800 & Original)

Keep your hands free and secure your Sureshotgps™ to your belt during the game.

Lifetime membership

Suitable for the Original SureshotGPS, 8800, 8850, Micro and Micro V2

AUD $30
8800 / 8850 Protective Cover

Ideal protection for your Sureshotgps™ 8800 / 8850 when storing in your golf bag. A soft neoprene cover on one side and a clear plastic cover on the other for easy screen viewing.

AUD $25.00
Car Charger

Universal car charger makes it easy to recharge your Sureshotgps™ in car. With built-in usb socket (usb cord not included). Suits all models.

Input 12-24vdc

AUD $30
SS World AC Charger

Take your Sureshotgps™ around the world without worrying about power adaptors. This universal charger has 4 adaptors for use where ever you are.

(Additional usb cord not provided).

Suits all models.

AUD $24.95