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Battery for 9000X & 9500X

Compatible with 9000x & 9500X battery

AUD $63
Battery for Hero 200X

Hero 200X battery

AUD $42
Battery for Genius G1 & 300X

1600mah Battery compatible with Genius G1 & 300X

AUD $42
Battery for Hero 350X & 750X

1400mah battery compatible with Hero 350X & 750X

AUD $42
Battery for Micro, Micro V2, Micro V3, Micro 700X & 150X

1200mah Battery compatible with Sureshot Micro, Micro V2, Micro V3, Micro 700X, and Hero 150X


For computer connection to the Sureshotgps™. Also used for the universal charger. Suits all models  with USB Mini-B.

AUD $16.00
Belt Clip (Suites 300X, 700X, 9000X, 9500X & Micro)

Keep your hands free and secure your Sureshotgps™ micro to your belt during the game.

AUD $16.00
Belt Clip (8850, 8800 & Original)

Keep your hands free and secure your Sureshotgps™ to your belt during the game.

AUD $16.00
Carry Case (Micro Only)

Made from a strong neoprene fabric, this carry case will protect your Sureshotgps™ micro from scratches while providing a convenient way to carry it around.

AUD $19.95
Lifetime membership

Suitable for the Original SureshotGPS, 8800, 8850, Micro and Micro V2

AUD $29.95
Hard Carry Case

Ideal protection for your Sureshotgps™ when storing in your golf bag. A hard backing on one side offers screen protection. Waist belt loop for carrying on person. Suits all models.

AUD $21.00
Storage Pouch

Soft, durable storage pouch holds the Sureshotgps™ unit, charger, usb cord & cd keeping everything tidy and protected. Suits all models.

AUD $31.00
Car Charger

Universal car charger makes it easy to recharge your Sureshotgps™ in car. With built-in usb socket (usb cord not included). Suits all models.

Input 12-24vdc

AUD $32.00
World ac Charger

Take your Sureshotgps™ around the world without worrying about power adaptors. This universal charger has 4 adaptors for use where ever you are.

(Additional usb cord not provided).

Suits all models.

AUD $39.95
Solar Power Pack Charger – Blue

This solar powered charger is extremely handy and best kept in your golf bag as an emergency backup power source. Recharges itself under sunlight while charging any Sureshotgps™ model or most mobile devices such as iphone 4 and Blackberry.

AUD $52.00