Download Courses (Windows PC)

Downloading courses via – New Sureshotgps Website –
To download/update courses, you firstly need to have sureanalysis loaded onto your pc. To do this go to our website Sureshotgps.com, top menu select mysureshotgps > Download Courses > click appropriate download for your model & install (do not connect the unit to the pc).

Once that has been done, turn the unit on and connect to the pc, open/double click Sureanalysis icon on your desktop > Click Download Courses and follow prompts. The system should go through the connection process and bring up a new screen where you can update the courses on the unit.

On preloaded models – If updating a course, delete old course first then load new course data. (Do not delete all course data from the unit, only delete & update courses you play) (Except on 9000/9500 units, will overwrite data only)

Try not to use course names – When searching in the sureanalysis program – Select All Mapped Courses, Country and State and then Search, then scroll down the list on the left to find your course.

TIP – To find the most recent course double click the course on the left hand column to view date of mapping.