Hero 350X
Can the battery be replaced in my Hero 350x/750x?

Genuine 350x/750x Replacement Batteries are available via our website > The Sure Shop.


* Batteries are consumable items that will need replacing periodically * especially if it is now failing to last a full round.


Please click this Link to the Store


Replacing the internal battery on a SureshotGPS is an easy task that takes just a few minutes to complete.

1. The first step in replacing the internal battery is removing the 6 small screws located on the rear of the case.

2. Work your way around the case until the back is fully separated.

3. You’ll notice two cables that connect from the battery to the PCB. Carefully disconnect this cable.

4. Remove the battery the rechargeable battery is held in place with some double-sided sticky tape. Carefully remove the battery off the back of the case to remove it.The battery is taped down with double sided tape to stop it moving/bouncing around, carefully remove, do not puncture battery cell.

*(750x sometimes also has the battery stuck onto the board, gently lever board away)

5. Put the new replacement battery into the back of the case using double sided tape and connect the battery cable to the PCB. With the new battery successfully installed the SureshotGPS is ready to be re-assembled.

Take care that no wires are sticking out of the base of the GPS when re-assembling it.