Sureshotgps™ has the endorsement of players, PGA professionals, golf cart suppliers, leading golf developers, golf courses and leading on-line golf distributors, retailers and pro shops around the world.


“It can do everything a golfer needs to help his game; show distances to any hazard, bunker, dog-leg, lay-up point and green (front, centre and back); keep a record of your scores, putts, fairway hit, greens hit, sand saves…and on, and on. The best thing for me has been the Sureshotgps™’s ability to measure my normal iron distances for approaches to the green. So far I have fully recorded my three wedges on the range and am now working through the other irons (this gives me more consistency than checking 1 or 2 shots during a game). Several times in matches I have read the Sureshotgps™, checked the pin position and changed the club I would have taken, trusted the GPS and my accuracy has improved where it matters, around the green.

I can – and do – thoroughly recommend the Sureshotgps™ to any golfer I meet. It has every facility and is great value.”

Dennis Skinner

Wetherby Golf Club, England


“I recently played Deerwood Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Sureshotgps™ mapping was very accurate… I had several inquiries from the folks at the club, and I gave it my very positive endorsement. Even though I know the courses (I play) fairly well, I am still saving two to four strokes per round, especially with the shorter distances and getting by the hazards. Also, I get a helpful analysis of my game from the scoring program. I don’t even bother with the written cards any more. The screen is so bright, even in sunlight, that it is never a problem to read.

The club pros with whom I have spoken like the idea, as it seems to move the game more quickly.”

Bob Droker

Jacksonville, Florida


“In the few months that I have been using Sureshotgps™ actively in competition play, I am pleased to note a reduction of three strokes in my handicap, from 19 to 16. The main areas where Sureshotgps™ has assisted me are distance selection, club selection and, most importantly, confidence. I now know the front, middle and back measurements, allowing me to select a club that will not be short or long, so I can apply a full confident swing. Sureshotgps™ is also excellent for accurately measuring my club differences. Walking onto a new course and having a full detailed schematic of each hole and hazard really increases the pleasure of the game. I no longer have to play a course twice to know it. Within three rounds of playing with me, several fellow golfers have purchased a Sureshotgps™ and reduced their handicaps.

Well done. I look forward to more enhancements.”

Stephen O’Connell

Jacksonville, Florida


“I am really enjoying my Sureshotgps™ and have recommended it to many. I really think this has been improving my game, as I am thinking more about course management and have been much more aware of my club distance, especially for the yardage under 90 yards, which was very difficult for me to judge. Great product. Keep up the good work.”

Dr. George Hayes

York, Pennsylvania May 2006


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