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SureshotLaser Pin Loc 1000

Using high quality optics and intelligent Priority Loc software, the SureshotLaser will always lock on to the closest target among multiple objects so you can be confident you're on the right target every time. The equally impressive PinLoc technology locks onto the target at the speed of light, while the Display Loc ensures the distance is saved to be viewed again.

All these game improving features are presented in an ultra compact, light and ergonomically designed case which fits comfortably in your hand and is powered by a long life Lithium battery.

SureshotLaser SureshotLaser
SureshotLaser SureshotLaser
Ergonomically designed to fit comfortable in your hand and weighs only 190g
Features Description
Priority Loc SureshotLaser instinctively locks onto the nearest target, which may be the smallest, among multiple objects in the backgrounds
Pin Loc Pin Loc technology ensures even the smallest target is locked in from the longest distance
Display Loc Lock in the target and the distance displayed will lock on the screen to be viewed again
Scanner Displays a continual update of distances across a panoramic area, allowing you to scan the area for the average distance
Standard Inclusions Description
Pin Loc 1000 SureshotLaser PINLOC 1000
Protective cover with bag clip Protective cover with bag clip
Long life Lithium battery Long life Lithium battery
Cloth lens cleaner Cloth lens cleaner
Instruction manual Instruction manual - download as PDF
Specifications- Pin Loc 1000
Single button operation for easy use Tick
Extremely fast Pin Loc technology Tick
Priority Loc locks onto the target and ignores background objects Tick
Distance is locked on screen by Display Loc Tick
View multiples distances using the Scanner mode Tick
6x Magnification Tick
Wide object aperture of 24mm Tick
Multi coated optics for extreme clarity Tick
Field of view 7° Tick
Adjustable eye piece for all levels of vision Tick
Digital LCD screen with large numbers Tick
Measurement range over 625m Tick
Measurement to the pin over 325m Tick
Shock Proof Tick
Automatic battery saving standby mode Tick
Rubberised casing for use in all conditions Tick
Powered by 3v Lithium battery with no recharging required Tick
Distances displayed in Meters or Yards Tick
Dimensions: 108mm x 72mm x 44mm Tick
Weight 190g Tick
2 year manufacturer's warranty Tick

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