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750X model   Sureshotgps SS750X

Sureshotgps 750X - Intelligent Touch

Preloaded with Australian and New Zealand courses

Use your Hero 750X straight out of the box with Australian and New Zealand courses preloaded, no registration required and FREE lifetime membership to our course database. Travelling overseas? Access the Sureshotgps worldwide map database containing 10,000 international courses. To find out if your course is mapped visit our course library.

Sureshotgps 750X - Touch and Zoom in Aerial Overview mode

Know the distance to the front & carry of hazards

View distances to the front centre and back of the green in large font PLUS enjoy the advantages of knowing the front and carry distances to key hazards. Hazards are easy to recognise with colourful images displayed on screen giving you the overall picture of the hole.

Sureshotgps 750X - View easy to read data in Green & Hazards mode

Easy to read font and colourful screens

No tricky data to analyse, no cryptic GPS information to decipher. Simple layouts, colourful screens with large font make using the Hero 750X a pleasure. Use the Hero 750X in all weather conditions and make the most of that Sureshot advantage.

Sureshotgps 750X - Faster & Longer

Advanced scoring and club analysis system

Featuring an easy to use scorecard where you can keep score during your round or access previous scorecards to compare your performance. Access par and stroke index information for your course at the touch of a button and beat your personal best with the new and improved individual club analysis feature.

Sureshotgps 750X - Play your way with customised distances

Stay fit with the Hero 750x

Keep track of your fitness with the easy to access fitness mode.

Sureshotgps 750X - Faster & Longer

Map your own course...

The Hero 750x is above the rest with its unique mapping method. Create your own map or edit existing maps using the Hero 750x, you can stand in the exact same spot as the pro mappers and determine your next move.

Outstanding Features
Displays distances to front, centre and back of green Tick
Distance to the front & carry of hazards Tick
Measures individual shot distance Tick
Advanced Scoredcard Tick
Preloaded Australian & NZ courses Tick
Screen 2.2" Transflective screen Tick
Water resistant IPX6 Tick
Automatic Course recognition Tick
Available in meters or yards Tick
Individual club measurement Tick
What's Included
USB cord Tick
Belt Clip Tick
Setup Guide Tick
Lifetime Membership Tick

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